TRIGO Group finds its roots in the automotive industry. Since its foundation in 1997, TRIGO has developed a comprehensive matrix of Quality Solutions adapted to the needs of the leading manufacturers of the sector.

Due to our experience in providing operational solutions to various challenges across the whole supply chain, TRIGO has become a worldwide leader in the quality sector. TRIGO teams are active in more than 300 automotive final assembly plants in 20+ countries, across 4 continents, offering preventive and corrective Quality Management services dedicated to numerous manufacturers and suppliers.

Being responsive to the steady technological changes of the industry, TRIGO continually refines and innovates its services always to meet the highest quality expectations.

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Böllinger joined TRIGO Group in July 2016. Founded in 1989 in Bad Friedrichsall, Germany, TRIGO Böllinger offers operational quality management solutions for the automotive sector. On behalf of TRIGO, the entity is servicing the main manufacturers and suppliers of the German automotive industry, with a team of more than 150 professionals. Böllinger clients now will be able to benefit from TRIGO’s extensive footprint in 22 countries to support their quality needs, either with their supply base or downstream in their international logistics platforms, under the name of TRIGO Bollinger.