Automotive Rework 

TRIGO Group, known as an international player in the field of quality control for more than 15 years, has developed its Automotive Rework Department (sheet metal, painting, mechanical, electronic rework, PDR—paintless dent removal), in order to resolve automotive parts-related quality challenges along the supply chain. TRIGO’s rework missions cover a wide range of corrective activities (from project phase to after-sales services) provided for:

  • car manufacturers,
  • automotive suppliers,
  • car dealers and garages, and
  • vehicle storage platforms.


  • The external appearance of vehicles (especially car-body conformity) has to be maintained throughout the lifecycle—from project phase to after-sales.
  • Customers need to manufacture their products with an ever increasing production speed, while they have to deliver zero default. At the same time, customer needs to stay focused on its core business.
  • Technological and industrial evolutions have to be followed by manufacturers, which together with the occasional facelifts impose new challenges on the customers.


  • Sheet metal rework: aluminum, steel // metal, bare or painted sheet metal // damaged parts along the supply chain // (PDR)
  • Intervention in project phase (prototyping)
  • Painting expertise // masking
  • Interior repair (saddlery, trim part elements, leather, seat cover, etc.)
  • Electronics competency solutions
  • Mechanics competency solutions
  • Vehicle modernization
  • Car preparation for press events // exhibitions
  • Squeak and rattle testing


  • Support for customer to globally standardize different quality-related activities, and to reach full autonomy
  • Experienced and skillful teams to deliver electrical, saddlery, and mechanical rework solutions, rework on trim part elements, leather, seat cover, etc.
  • Transparent intervention, daily reports
  • Quick intervention (on site
  • Global network