Electronics manufacturing is undoubtedly an ever-changing industry that is not an exemption when it comes to challenges.


Due to our comprehensive technological expertise and competence in the field of electronic assembly (EA), TRIGO delivers wide-ranging solutions—from PCB to final products—addressing and anticipating the demands of our customers.      


TRIGO’s expertise and references

  • 15+ years of experience
    • High competency in EA requirements
    • EA problem solving coaching
    • Analytical RCA related to EA
    • Customized product support
    • PinPoint IPC standard knowledge
    • ESD protection area development support
    • EA process improvement
    • Implementation of IPC 610, IPC 7711 & 7721 standards


TRIGO solutions along SMT (Surface-mount Technology)

  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) production quality support
  • PCB quality support
  • SMD (Surface-mount Device) quality support
  • SMT process quality support
  • SMT process quality support
  • ESD (Electrostatic discharge) protected area development support
  • Final product quality support
  • Final product quality support // Reflash solution


  • SMT process engineering support
  • SMT requirements know-how
  • SMT rework
  • Trials for change management
  • Auditing, Consulting
  • Training for IPC 600 & 610
  • Training for SMT basics
  • Analytical root casue analysis
  • Production support
  • DoE analysis and screening
  • Failure analysis
  • Final product quality support



  • PCB product and process analysis
  • PCB process and product developments
  • PCB competency / knowledge transfer and audits
  • PCB complaint management
  • PCB inspection and rework
  • Function testing
  • Analysis and visual inspection of SMD
  • Repackaging (with tape and reel machine)
  • In-process reflash
  • Electrical tests