TRIGO is continuously growing its clientele along the manufacturing supply chain, by integrating a wide range of quality services individually and comprehensively in different industries.


Food and Beverage industry


It is quite obvious that the quality of what we eat is crucial. Bad quality can cause very serious consequences just like in the aerospace and automotive manufacturing industries.


TRIGO is aware that the food and beverage industry is facing strict regulation as consumers and governments are demanding higher levels of food quality control and global safety.


Therefore, we are here to offer comprehensive quality services dedicated and customized to global food manufacturers and suppliers.


Medical industry


The rapid development of medical technology is challenging both suppliers and manufacturers along the medical supply chain with rigorous standards, requirements and very strict audits.


With every new technology we expose ourselves to, new potential threats aren't too far behind.  Ensuring careful quality control and testing are essential to quality and manufacturing processes.


TRIGO offers quality expertise and solutions to an ever evolving industry of new innovations, future developments and technology.


Luxury goods industry


When you buy high quality luxury products, you expect the highest quality possible, right?


Whether it’s a premium fragrance or a high-end luxury handbag, we implement the same strict quality control processes as we do in any other manufacturing industries around the world.


Simple as that, quality is quality, no matter the industry.