Not sure what you want to do when you grow up? It’s never too early or too late to figure that out.


With around 20 percent of all jobs worldwide*, the high demand manufacturing sector offers a practical career path for an ambitious worker. Here are four reasons to consider a career in automotive or heavy equipment manufacturing.

#1: It’s easy to get your foot in the door

In manufacturing, you can always find thousands of open entry level positions requiring no work experience or education. And once you get your foot in the door, the possibilities are endless. The most successful employees seize opportunities to build a diverse skillset, which leads to more responsibilities and the salary that comes with them.


Manufacturing sets the stage for the careers of everyone from a young person looking to avoid student loans to someone ready to turn their life around after a few missteps. Many manufacturing companies require people who are willing to work shifts outside of your typical nine to five, opening up opportunities for those who require more flexibility.

#2: You can make good money

With millions of important jobs around the world, the industry continues to struggle with worker shortages. Many people are taking advantage of this shortage and finding that when you are highly sought after, you’re worth more.


Companies attract top talent with great pay and benefits so employees feel fulfilled both on and off the clock, with studies showing that average manufacturing wages skew above other industries.

#3: You aren’t chained to a desk

Some of us are simply not cut out to sit all day. Does that sound like you?


Active people can look to manufacturing for jobs that keep you moving and interacting and ultimately keeping you fit. Don’t let that intimidate you though – there are jobs for all kinds of physical skill levels.


Contrary to popular belief, life in the assembly plant varies day to day. Manufacturing is a good choice for people who get bored if there isn’t a new adventure every day.

#4: You get to be a part of something bigger than yourself

All members of auto and equipment manufacturing teams get to see their contributions coalesce into something tangible – a complex product that makes consumer lives better. 


When you see a new car or wheel loader roll off the assembly line, you can think ‘I did that’. Helping build something tangible can be rewarding! 


If you are not sure but would like to test drive a career in manufacturing, there are always plenty of temporary positions available. Many members of TRIGO’s team started as temporary and worked their way up to leadership positions.


Ready to take the next step? Start by browsing TRIGO’s job postings. You may find your next adventure. 



* From The World Bank