New technologies employed by TRIGO.


For the first time, HoloLens technology has been implemented during a customer service in Morocco! 

A manufacturer of aluminum alloy wheels for the automotive industry has been contacted by TRIGO Morocco for our Consulting services. They were about to be audited by a customer on materials management operations guidelines. This evaluation brings established standards of management practices that need to be followed by suppliers to ensure they deliver products and services that will meet the customer’s quality requirements. 

The company chose to work with TRIGO on the mission to get ready for this evaluation thanks to our extensive experience on Turnaround services. However, TRIGO’s trainer could not fly to Morocco from the UK to proceed with the technical assistance and audit activities, which could have raised a problem. Afterall, the trainer needs to see inside the customer’s site and listen to the explanation of their procedures in place. 

Thanks to the HoloLens technology previously acquired by TRIGO Morocco, our team could still proceed with the service! To make it work, Mustapha Taabouz, Account Manager, assisted this technical assistance and audit operation locally. And, while Mustapha was at the customer’s site together with their local employees, John Mellows, Turnaround Services Operations Coordinator, was in the UK training the team, live.

But how does it work?

It is simple: it works as if the trainer was physically at the customer’s site. While he/she logs in via Teams and calls the HoloLens (as any other normal call via Teams), someone is wearing the HoloLens in the customer’s site. This person will be the eyes and ears of the trainer in the plant. 

The trainer will automatically be able to see on his/her PC everything that the other person can see with the HoloLens. Therefore, if the trainer needs to see, for example, a procedure or a production sheet to audit, the person on site just needs to look at it. The HoloLens takes care of transmitting the image directly to the trainer's PC - wherever he or she is.  

For this operation, John Mellows proceeded with the technical assistance and audit service from UK, and Mustapha Taabouz was TRIGO’s representative wearing the glasses at the customer’s plant, in Morocco. Mustapha has also briefly trained the customers to use the technology so their questions could be easily answered by our trainer in the UK.

“At the beginning, using the HoloLens can be a bit weird: we need to ‘touch’ the air to display a document, for example. But, as the customer got used to the technology and mastered its usage, the five-days mission rolled out fluidly. Moreover, the inputs given by TRIGO were extremely relevant to the customer’s quality operations”, mentioned Mustapha. 

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