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After more than 20 years of collaboration with TOYOTA MOTOR MANUFACTURING FRANCE, TRIGO announces the renewal of its service contract with the French production site for a period of 4 years, until 2026.

This renewal allows Trigo to continue to accompany TOYOTA on its latest vehicle produced in Valenciennes, the Yaris Cross, on a set of services of control and advice in quality management.



The new collaboration between TRIGO and TOYOTA is based on a long-standing and trusting collaboration, centered on quality control and logistics services in preparation for production. The new collaboration focuses on extended industrial non-conformity management operations, aimed at achieving perfect quality of the vehicles produced.


These include:

- inspection of the conformity of incoming components, checks during production quality milestones, complex rework and technical interventions on components and vehicles,

- support to the site logistics teams on production preparation and packaging compliance operations

- support for analysis of non-conforming parts in case of production emergency.


In addition, the TRIGO group will also provide training to TOYOTA personnel in the field of complex rework, a demanding technical profession, through its training organization Eurosymbiose, recognized in the transport industry.


By renewing its confidence in TRIGO, TOYOTA MOTOR MANUFACTURING FRANCE expresses its deep satisfaction with the TRIGO teams, judged "competent and experienced" by the management of the Valenciennes site. This satisfaction, built up over twenty years of collaboration, has been reinforced this last year by the implementation of a "lean management" by the TRIGO teams.


Two concrete applications of this "lean" approach form the basis for renewed efficiency with TOYOTA:

- the implementation of a training cycle for TRIGO operators, prior to their missions within the TOYOTA site, allowing them to be ever more responsive and efficient in the quality operations entrusted to them.

- the reorganization of the TRIGO work area, with the development of automatic strapping solutions, adapted workstations, as well as various tools to improve ergonomics for operators such as exoskeletons and to limit disruptions in the plant.



For Bruno Laporte Many, TRIGO France General Director: "TRIGO and TOYOTA have developed a relationship of mutual trust, which allows them to work hand in hand on a variety of issues. We provide a full continuum of quality services to TOYOTA, from inspection operations to complex rework and training."

The two companies have been working together since 2001. In 2018, TRIGO became the official quality service partner of the Toyota Onnaing plant. And, thanks to our operational excellence, service differentiation and effective communication, the TOYOTA - TRIGO contract was renewed for four years.