In Stuttgart, people benefit from service of self-service e-scooters

People in Stuttgart benefit from a smart way of moving around the city with a rental service of 200 e-scooters.

TRIGO is leading a key role on the roll out of this project and will provide the maintenance of the fleet. More specifically, TRIGO will run two main actions: take care of the every-day charge of the batteries of the e-scooters and must stand surety for the safety of the fleet. It shows TRIGO’ expertise in Specialized Logistics and Technical Rework & Repair.

TRIGO E-scooter in Germany

TRIGO’s expertise for greener Urban mobility

With this fleet of electric scooters, Stuttgart is willing to reduce its CO2 emissions: in a year, it will save 7.6 t CO². Above this commitment for sustainable mobility, it shows TRIGO skills for supporting manufacturers in their needs for operating their services and optimize it.

Thus, TRIGO will support EMCO, Germany's largest supplier and manufacturer of electric scooters in two activities: repair for traffic accident and provide a service of warranty claims. As EMCO’s partner, TRIGO will advise some optimizations for customer experience, such as keyless systems and the revamping of the immobilizer.

Greener mobility with Stella Sharing scooter and TRIGO

An efficient management software for the electric vehicles

The software of the sharing fleet is provided by Wundermobility which is a key actor of in self-services electronic fleets for companies and cities.

The software will be tailored for Stuttgart needs and TRIGO will be part of defining these specific needs, such as modules for on-site technical check and service history. As telematic systems are concerned, all will be provided by Invers, a specialist of sharing technology ecosystem: some improvements are still at stake and will be made through the winter.

Sustainability is key for TRIGO and E-Scooter

Some specifications about Stella scooters:

  • Chinese base with engine and safety electronics developed by EMCO
  • Focus on the battery: 1.8 kW Power and operating life about 95 km estimated for Stuttgart environment
  • Equipments: Smart lock of the top-box, 2 helmets with individual air protection, cleaning towel

Some key facts about the fleet of 200 self-service e-scooters in Stuttgart:

  • 25 000 users registered through the app
  • Overall satisfaction of users and great rate of the service
  • 2 000 km / year average for a Stella e-scooter
  • 225 e-scooters in repair a year
  • 50 cases of vandalism, 75 traffic accidents

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