At TRIGO, we recognize that our activities as a multinational company have a mark on the environment. Our ESG policy and corporate social responsibility promises are on minimizing negative impact and instead, promoting responsible behavior to all phases of our operations from the top-down.




What is our ESG policy?

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) are the components in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of a company. We aim to incorporate these criteria in all that we do. We think globally and act locally, committing to positive collaboration and team spirit across all 25+ countries where we operate.


Projects for environmental sustainability

Our staff and community have continuously taken part in various environmental projects and campaigns around the globe. In thanks and celebration, we highlight some of our initiatives below:


Recycling Initiative in Brazil

  • When: Ongoing
  • Target: Decrease the use of ethanol in vehicles, establish selective collection on client sites, and empower employees to turn to natural resources.
  • More details:
    • Reduce the use of oil to avoid air pollution
    • Reduce the use of water and electricity to avoid unnecessary waste
    • Perform selective collection to avoid the contamination of the soil and fruit trees of sites
    • Easy to separate recycling bins installed
    • Keep river sites clean


Recycling Initiative in France

  • When: Ongoing
  • Target: Encourage employees to recycle plastic bottle caps in collaboration with Bouchons d’amour, an association that benefits people with disabilities with the recycling money collected.
  • More details:
    • Recycling bins installed for plastic cups and paper
    • Signed contracts with external partners for recycling at the French HQ
    • Communication campaigns at HQ level
    • 32 kg of plastic cups and 818 kg of paper recycled so far


Coral Planting in Thailand

  • When: Upcoming in July 2019
  • Target: To help and support the Royal Thai Marine Corps in coral reef and sea life conservation and restoration.
  • More details:
    • Construct coral reef base from biodegradable cement
    • Plant coral reef
    • Release cat sharks and baby blue crabs back into the sea
    • Clean up the beach


Planting Trees in China

  • When: Ongoing
  • Target: Plant more trees for a greener environment and to help fight climate change.
  • More details:
    • Planted 500 trees
    • Keep the maintenance of trees planted


For more information about TRIGO’s ESG policy, click here.