With over 10,000 dedicated quality professionals, TRIGO is ready to help you get your plant up and running after being shut down for any length of time. 


You can rely on us to leverage our knowledge and experience while deploying effective best practices throughout the supply chain. With team members around the globe, we are uniquely qualified to provide a full portfolio of recovery services to support a smooth ramp up. 


Our Inspection Teams

  • Provide Launch Containment for initial shipments of material to ensure defective or damaged parts are contained and not passed on to your customers. 
  • Perform Incoming Quality inspection of parts after recovery (to avoid quality interruptions in case of undisclosed supplier outsourcing of parts)
  • Are available for off-site inspection, containment & rework in the event of further facility closures


Our Quality Engineers

  • Perform Supplier Selection services to help ensure any temporary outsourcing of production, results in product that is conforming.
  • Conduct Internal Audits of processes to ensure that all required steps in the production process are in place and being followed.
  • Provide Quality Incident Management services to help identify and address the source of nonconforming product.


Our Resident Engineers and Liaisons

  • Can represent you and provide the support you need at your customer site to head off any potential issues, giving you the peace-of-mind you deserve.


Our Trainers and Consultants

  • Provide a comprehensive suite of web-based, remote and onsite training solutions on various topics such as Quality Core Tools, RCA, PPAPs, FMEAs, and Internal Auditing.
  • Perform Management System (ISO, IATF 16949, AS9100) Gap Analysis for new product lines and production facilities or specific processes.


The safety of our employees and customers remains our top priority and as such, we have updated our operating processes and have begun training our staff in the areas of proper hygiene, face mask and shield handling, temperature reading and tracking. To support this effort, enhanced housekeeping measures, social distancing protocols and increased availability of PPE for all employees have been implemented across the TRIGO network. We will continue to proactively reach out to you, our customer, to identify new entry and onsite requirements.


If you would like more information, contact us by clicking below and one of our team members will get back to you within 24 hours.