GEFCO, international actor in industrial logistics and European leader in automotive logistics, has signed an agreement of collaboration with TRIGO, a multinational company that offers management Quality solutions in the transportation industries.


The aim of this alliance, which is limited exclusively to the area of action of both companies in Spain, is the development, commercialisation and management around the activities that GEFCO and TRIGO realise in an independent way. Thanks to this agreement, both partners will benefit from the existing synergies among both companies.


The agreement opens a new route for the preferential collaboration between GEFCO and TRIGO for specific projects that need a joint intervention of logistic and Quality specification compliance, as well as the commitment of mutual collaboration with the current and future clients of both parts.


Likewise, this alliance takes into account the possibility that GEFCO offers a preferential contract to TRIGO regarding the use of its facilities, as well as the means needed to provide Quality services included in the portfolio of the company. Equally, TRIGO will offer a preferential contract to GEFCO in the activities or services given by the company.


"TRIGO is the leader in quality services for automotive companies, a segment in which GEFCO has an important market share. Thanks to this agreement, we will be more competitive in this sector and we will be able to offer an integral service to our customers, by concentrating all of their needs into the one and only partner, with the safety that they fulfill all the necessary Quality specifications ", has affirmed Julián Navarro, General Manager of GEFCO Spain.


For Marcel Cremades, General Manager of TRIGO Spain: " We keenly initiate this collaboration with GEFCO and we wish to generate new opportunities of business for both groups. This agreement is a new milestone that will strengthen the position of both companies as leaders of the market and will help us to complement the range of services that we were offering, as well as improve the quality and versatility of the service that we offer to our clients today ".



GEFCO Spain designs and implements logistic solutions for companies in all the industrial sectors, including aerospace, defence, electronics, consumer goods and especially automotive, one of the most complex and demanding sectors in the market, for the one that, only in Spain, transports almost 800.000 vehicles. With more than 30 years of logistic experience in our country, GEFCO Spain possesses (relies on) 38 centers, more than 700 employees and almost 5.000 industrial clients. In 2016 it invoiced more than 300 million Euros.

Worldwide, GEFCO is one of 10 principal logistic European groups, in more than 300 centers, and it is present in 150 countries of five continents with more than 12.000 employees.