December, 2018 – TRIGO’s management ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system formerly known as AntiFOG, underwent a transformation over the past year that included new functionalities and a re-brand of its name to etraq. The initiative comes from TRIGO’s objectives and promises to the industry for better transparency and understanding within their customer base.


etraq’s numerous new functions provide the ability to access data from Quality missions performed around the world. Customers can access essential data in real time, 24/7 from any device and any location. Daily snapshots and end of mission reports are sent to customers via email. Graphical reports and statistics are accessible at all times, providing long-term trends and process capabilities to allow for quicker and data-backed decisions.


The enhanced ERP system provides customers with support and reassurance in knowing their data is stored securely and centrally on the web, available only to those with proper access. TRIGO’s transparent budget and invoice management features add on to this reassurance. All of the necessary data and information can also be accessed on mobile or tablet devices.


To access etraq, TRIGO’s customer portal, go here: