The objective of the „Ausbildung Koordinatenmesstechnik e.V. – AUKOM” is to ensure an up-to-date, comparable, controllable and certifiable training in coordinate metrology.


The organization promotes basic, comprehensive and solid training in the area of industrial production metrology, particularly in the area of coordinate metrology. The organization ensures the standard and comparability of the courses offered by the members of the organization within coordinate metrology training. It develops, promotes and spreads the „good measurement practice” and furthers the Europeanization of cooperation in coordinate metrology training.


Following a three-year research project of the Quality research association financed by the German Ministry of Labor and Economy, AUKOM has started its operation in 2001 and became an industry standard in dimensional technology.


The training material and testing system of AUKOM has been determined by the cooperation of German automotive industry suppliers, manufacturers and academics and resulted in a three-stage training concept.


TRIGO Metrology is offering AUKOM training in Hungary since 2007. Providing a machine-independent training concept, including established and practice-tested procedures with interfaces for the manufacturer-specific machine training. TRIGO Metrology is the primary partner of AUKOM training in Hungary.