Dear Customers and Partners,

As the situation surrounding the development of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to worsen daily, we are taking several precautionary steps to safeguard our employees and customers and slow the transmission of this outbreak. These steps include travel restrictions, as well as, a list of precautionary measures that will be adhered to within our workplace environment. Our priority is to protect our employees, customers, suppliers and partners, as the virus continues to spread.


Therefore, we are implementing travel restrictions across the company for all non-essential travel until further notice.  

  • Most notably, all air travel is strongly discouraged and banned to critical countries and regions (Europe, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore). 
  • If there is a critical business-related reason for travel, the approval in writing from a member of our Group Executive Committee, will be obtained.
  • Employees travelling back from, or with close family members coming back from critical countries and regions, will adhere to strict return to work guidelines, which includes a 14-day quarantine at home and a Health check before coming back to a work site or office. 


As well, the following activities have been postponed until further notice: 

  • Participation in conferences/seminars and other events which include a high number of participants. 
  • Visits and meetings with customers and suppliers at TRIGO workplace.  Replacing face-to-face meetings with telephone / video conferencing is encouraged.  


Within the workplace, we have implemented several precautionary measures and guidelines as follows:

  • Sanitizer / hydroalcoholic lotions will be available for use and employees are encouraged to rub sanitizer on hands until completely dry. 
  • No handshakes or other physical forms of contact are permitted.  
  • Washing hands regularly and doing so for a minimum of 20 seconds
  • Reminders NOT to touch eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Adherence to all precautionary protocols while visiting customers, suppliers and partners. 

In addition to the travel restrictions and workplace guidelines mentioned above, we are actively reviewing additional measures to better prepare for potential disruptions. Additional measures might be taken locally, driven by country specific situations.   


As a global provider with resources in over 25 countries, we are committed to ensuring our internal communications are carefully coordinated to ensure proper preparedness, with action plans which are customized to the needs of each country. As the situation continues to be monitored, so too are our plans and policies.  


Our top priority is to protect our employees, the community in which we live and work and the customers we work with.  

Thank you