10 November 2019, Paris, FR – TRIGO is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Helmut Leube as the Chairman of its Supervisory Board, effective September 2019. Mr. Leube joined the Board in 2018 and has been providing strategic guidance by sharing his extensive knowledge of the transportation industry. 


Having held senior leadership positions at BMW, Webasto and lately at Deutz AG as its Group CEO, Mr. Leube has first-hand knowledge and world-class experience of the quality challenges faced by the automotive and heavy transportation industries. 


“We feel proud and fortunate to have Mr. Leube becoming the Chairman of our Supervisory Board. In an era of fast and drastic technological changes, his extensive experience and knowledge of the transportation industry will help guide us as we develop  strategies which provide superior support to our customers, offer attractive career opportunities to our employees and consolidate our leadership position.” said Matthieu Rambaud, CEO of TRIGO Group.


About TRIGO Group
Founded in 1997, TRIGO Group is a Global Quality Solutions provider focused on the automotive, aerospace and heavy transportation industries. With more than 10,000 professionals across 25 countries, TRIGO offers a comprehensive portfolio of services including quality engineering, inspection, rework, auditing, training, consulting, and resident engineering. 

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