As a licensee of VDA-QMC since January 2011, EURO-SYMBIOSE contributes largely in France and Morocco to train and qualify automotive OEMs and suppliers. The expert auditing and training network works in accordance to different methods and requirements of the German automotive industry in terms of quality management.


EURO-SYMBOISE was recently evaluated by Yuliya PRAKOPCHYK, Director of the Training Department, and Teresa MÜLLER-OTT and Ruth MEIER, both Head of Relations working with VDA-QMC licensees.


EURO-SYMBIOSE achieved a score of 99%, fully meeting the VDA-QMC. This score is the result of seamless team involvement, administrative management, and high-quality training provided.


In 2019, EURO-SYMBIOSE conducted 182 VDA-QMC training sessions with a 100% satisfaction rate from participants. If you are interested in VDA-QMC training provided by TRIGO EURO-SYMBIOISE, go here :