TRIGO and the European University of Madrid announce their 1st Edition of the Course, "Automotive Quality Expert", which will begin next October at the Campus de Alcobendas, University of Madrid.


This training raises the development and learning of quality professionals, through knowledge, techniques and quality tools necessary for the sector and its development. TRIGO automotive quality experts will be sharing their knowledge and experience with real and current case studies via online and face-to-face.


The course includes four modules distributed over 15 weeks which are intended to train: 1) engineers currently working in the sector, 2) engineers recently graduated looking for opportunities in the automotive industry, and 3) professionals and quality technicians with experience in the sector interested in the necessary tools to help better meet demands in the industry.


The training objectives are the following:

  • Promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge among professionals in the sector, with the aim of collaboration and increasing professional contacts by forming a reference group for future projects
  • To specialize in the concepts of quality within the automotive industry
  • To analyze the Quality Systems used in the sector
  • Identify and apply transversal tools of Quality and Process Improvement
  • To specialize in the methodologies and procedures of audits contributing to continuous improvement within the automotive industry


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