TRIGO Dahan is soon to be known as TRIGO Korea.


The main purpose of this name change is to present a unified TRIGO brand to Korean clients both overseas and in Korea.


“With this name change, we expect to strengthen TRIGO’s brand recognition and market positioning in Korea by leveraging TRIGO’s global footprint at and near Korean accounts overseas.” explains Frédéric Maury, EVP of TRIGO Asia.


“Existing and future clients of TRIGO Korea will significantly benefit from this change as robust operational processes and digital tools, developed and deployed by TRIGO globally over the past 20 years, will also be used in Korea to facilitate service delivery and to boost customer satisfaction.” – continues Mr. Maury.


Dahan Solution Co. started offering quality engineering, operational and inspection services in 2012 as K-Engineering and partnered with TRIGO Group in the same year. Since 2015, it is known as Dahan Solutions Co. and was acquired by TRIGO in 2017.


Now it is ready to serve clients as TRIGO Korea with an extended service portfolio backed by a global pool of quality professionals with the most innovative tools and processes.