TRIGO Hungary Finalizes Agreement and Confirms Partnership with API

Pictured above: Front row from left to right: Carsten Schulte, Team API, Manager Measurement Services, Tibor Brányik, General Manager, TRIGO Precision Measurement. Back row from left to rightDávid Móricz, Measurement Technician, TRIGO Precision Measurement, Dániel Barna, Measurement Expert, TRIGO Precision Measurement.


Recently, TRIGO Hungary and parts of the CEE region have confirmed their partnership with the inventor of the laser tracker API. “TRIGO has been delivering metrology services to the Hungarian market for 25 years. We think that the partnership with API is the right step to further expand our expertise in the portable measurement sector. API is the inventor and manufacturer of portable dimensional metrology solutions and therefore the perfect partner for us to improve our competencies with quality management services for our customers,” says Tibor Brányik, the head of TRIGO Precision Management Company. TRIGO’s four key value pillars are excellence, customer focus, global team spirit and initiatives that benefit customers through the API portfolio.


“Our new sales and service partner TRIGO is an ideal on-site partner for us at API in Hungary – in line with our philosophy ‘global local’. This means providing customer-oriented, individual and reliable measurement technology consulting and service. With TRIGO we have an experienced partner with know-how in quality assurance for Hungarian customers and prospects to offer the most comprehensive product line of high quality portable measurement technology”, adds Jan Lott, General Manager EMEA of API.


The future for TRIGO and API’s partnership looks bright, with so many opportunities to support customers throughout Hungary and other parts of the CEE region.


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