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TRIGO Qualitaire renews its ISO:9001 and 9100 certifications for 3 years

TRIGO Qualitaire, TRIGO Group’s Aerospace Business Line has renewed its certification for the ISO:9001 and 9100 quality management systems standards.


First, a complete revision of the company’s previous quality management system took place, in order to serve the requirements of the increasing operational volume and business of TRIGO Qualitaire.


This step was important, as it covered the optimization of process setups, as well as country-based specifications. The preparation for the assessment audits started in 2014 October, being followed by a thorough training period—during which the new QMS and its tools were explained to all employees.


The audits realized on the sites of TRIGO Qualitaire Blagnac, Carquefou, and Nanterre (TRIGO Group’s headquarter) during 9 days ended in a real success—allowing the subsidiary to renew the certifications for 3 years.


ISO 9001 and 9100 ensure the internal success and quality-related best practices to satisfy customer requests.


Despite the fact that the new QMS’s introduction is successful and complete, experience feedback from operation is constantly welcomed, as the company’s sole quality objective is: continuous improvement.


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