Quality management, project management and manufacturing can be very demanding in every industrial sector, especially in the automotive and the aerospace business. To help existing and new clients, TRIGO is continuously exploiting its exceptional knowledge in consulting, auditing and training, thereby supporting suppliers and OEMs in quality management and project management related topics in various demanding industries.


Engineers at TRIGO are fully aware of your responsibilities as a Supplier Quality Development Manager, and they know that managing and developing the quality processes of several suppliers is a very challenging task.


Performing audits, consequently delivering corrective actions and the monitoring of this whole activity can be exhausting, especially if you have to worry about reducing the number of your suppliers as well.


Have you ever wanted to outsource just the monitoring of your corrective actions?


TRIGO can intervene at any point of your supplier quality development process according to your needs with all the necessary resources, or if required conduct the whole process from start to finish.


We, at TRIGO, believe that efficient consulting, auditing and training services can only be offered with great experience.


Our expertise comes from 20+ years of delivering professional inspection (sorting) services with continuous improvements, including day-to-day contact with manufacturers and suppliers globally.


The industrial knowledge that we have gained in the last three decades has been translated into comprehensive and flexible consulting, auditing and training services.


Consulting: Theoretical and practical advice from engineers on the development, operation and improvement of your processes and systems, approaches the working solution on a project basis, introducing comprehensive higher value added services.


Training: Wide range of training services, including international standards, customer-specific requirements, technology-based, and on-demand training courses specifically designed to our clients needs.


Auditing: Various system-, process-, and special auditing services are available to our partners with an extensive auditor pool and strong auditing knowledge, on both project base, and on-demand.


Integrating a third-party quality service provider may be your optimal solution for many reasons.


We all experience the extended quality scope in the transportation industries that brings new challenges for both manufacturers and suppliers every day.


The manufacturing processes are becoming more and more transparent on the market, while customers are becoming more conscious about safety and quality. Legal awareness is also a significant factor that is reflected in increasing consumer rights, as fulfilling safety and compliance while meeting pre- defined legislation requirements are mandatory.


Moreover, the manufacturing environment is seeing new challenges such as globalized supply chain, increasing competition, continuous cost and time pressure, environmental and social responsibility, innovation (product changes, technological improvements, and digitalization), logistic and project management challenges, and shortages in resources. Furthermore, research and development is experiencing shortened- design phase, time for PPAP, and product life cycle.


All of these challenges are forcing manufacturers and suppliers to have a fresh look at their quality management approaches, and cover the entire supply chain with appropriate quality management tools, systems, and processes that does not only serve manufacturing, procurement, and distribution, but also serve product development, supplier development, logistics, marketing, sales, and after-sales services.


We have conducted several thousand tailor-made projects with local experts all over the world.


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