Firewalls (CSL 1-2)

In manufacturing, regardless of industry, human errors may and are occur. Firewall services are dynamic processes to sort for defective material, to protect the customer and to ensure that all quality issues are quickly identified.


The data from the inspection is critical and must be used to drive process improvements. This is needed in selective cases where the supplier’s personnel and/or process have proven to be incapable to isolate the problem. 


CSL1: Level I Controlled Shipping is an inspection process to detect nonconformities, and also includes root cause analysis, possible corrective actions according to the results and a verification process to determine the effectiveness of the corrective actions by inspection.


CSL1 is usually conducted by the supplier. If CSL1 fails, CSL2 is the next step that is conducted by a third party quality solution provider.


CSL2: Level II Controlled Shipping includes the same processes as Level I, with an additional inspection process that is completed by an independent third party. In special cases, the Level II inspection may be required to be performed outside the supplier’s facilities.


TRIGO can conduct the inspection of your Firewall or set up and manage the whole process (inspection, root cause analysis and reporting) according to the customer’s request.