3D Measurement


While performing day to day measurement tasks, several problems can occur:


  • Machine and human resources are short or limited
  • Time and capacity constraints
  • Unavailable technical competencies
  • Available measuring methods are limited or inadequately precise


TRIGO’s measurement service portfolio helps you focus on your core processes.


3D Measurement in accredited laboratory


For 3D measurement tasks we have a multi-sensor approach:

Precise, non-tactile measurement on different surfaces and on materials difficult to measure (e.g.: rubber, foam, sponge, deformation measurements).


3D Measurement with portable equipment


TRIGO offers the most accurate high volume 3D measurement onsite service available on the market:


  • 3D surface scanning and digitalizing
  • Large (<35m³) measuring range
  • Measuring services on external site, chosen by the customer
  • CAD model comparison
  • System is suitable for probe, laser scanner and dynamic tracking of pre-defined reference inputs


TRIGO pays special attention to offering you precise measurement services supported by our 15-year technical experience and professional measurement fleet.


Our experienced, well-trained, AUKOM certified professionals support you in all measurement related questions. Accredited labs are available in several sites with costumer demo possibility.



Gauge Trade


  • TRIGO is the first and exclusive distributor of NDI portable coordinate measuring machines in Hungary
  • Full and continuous professional support is provided to all NDI measurement tools offered by TRIGO Metrology
  • In relation to calibration services, we take over the procurement of various portable measurement tools from our partners and we ship them calibrated