Analysis & Testing

TRIGO Analysis offers comprehensive inspection services to detect failures such as deviations, differences and damages of products/parts. TRIGO is continuously incorporating new inspection methods to its analysis service portfolio, closely following the latest market needs and industry trends, supported with the latest IT technology. Thanks to the extraordinary wide competence range of TRIGO Analysis, our professionals will solve your problem in no time.


Failure Analysis

  • Specified inspection method requested by the customer, executed by TRIGO Analysis, results sent to the customer
  • Faulty products provided by the customer, best analysis method defined and executed by TRIGO Analysis according to the nature of failure


Non-destructive tests

We are able to analyze the properties of our partner's products or components without damaging the workpiece. Various methods exist, that are all available at TRIGO Analysis:


  • Microscopic analysis (highest magnification range: 1000x)
  • Elemental analysis (EDX - Energy-dispersive X-Ray)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  • X-Ray and CT
  • Roughness measuring
  • Endoscopy


Destructive tests

In the field of technology it might happen that only destructive analysis leads to success, by providing representative data about the interior of the analyzed component or part.


  • Cross section cutting and analysis
  • Hardness test (Vickers / Rockwell)
  • Pull tests
  • Shear tests
  • Protective coating removal
  • Gas chromatography -mass spectrometry



Other tests

There are special analysis and testing methods that do not damage the parts or components as a destructive test, however, have impact on them. These analysis methods are commonly used in various sectors, especially in the automotive industry.


  • Heat shock testing
  • Shaking test (vibration)
  • Heat shock and shaking in one machine
  • Spectroscopic analysis
  • Cleanliness inspection
  • Solderability and wettability testing
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy