Calibration and Gauge Management

The Metrology Division of TRIGO was established in 1992 in Hungary under the registration number MAB 001. Since 2007, we have continued to provide our services for calibration, measuring, sales of measuring equipment and training in measuring equipment services and metrology.


We carry out the calibration of dimensional measuring equipment and torque meters in our accredited laboratories backed by numerous years of experience. We have built a wide contact system of subcontractors during our many years of professional presence in this field, and now we are able to provide a complex service to our partners regarding the calibration of all types of equipment handled in production.


Online Gauge Management

Our web based measuring equipment control service is available in English and Hungarian, providing a facilitated service to our customers to check on the status of their instruments.


The system provides online access to the documentation, tracking and validity status of the instruments at anytime and anywhere.




  • Comprehensive calibration and gauge management
  • 10+ years of professional experience
  • Fast and reliable communication channel and administration
  • Supplier reduction