Quality management services are not only relevant to OEMs anymore, as their quality requirements are expected to meet the operation of all supply chain players.

Quality service providers are becoming more and more integrated into suppliers' quality processes, while OEMs are conveying their requirements toward them.


For suppliers to meet strict requirements and to stay competitive, system development is essential, however, financial and human resources are not always meet the needs.

TRIGO offers comprehensive project based quality management solutions, however, TRIGO may also help in case of labor shortage.


There are several critical situations when advanced quality control is required i.e. quality wall, such as the launch of a new plant or a product, where conformity is tested by sampling and periodic measurements. 

A new plant’s production launch always comes with a great amount of quality risk, therefore, the best solution is to ensure the proper quality in a redundant way first, and only return to normal production when the given product is already incorporated efficiently into the supply.


Assuring a smooth safe launch of a new plant in terms of delivery process can be achieved by TRIGO’s logistical solution by ensuring that clients would only receive controlled products.

If dedicated human resources for quality control tasks (process- or end-product control) are outsourced, the time and resource can be used to focus on the company’s core activities.