5s Awareness - Virtual Classroom

Online training


£0.00 per participant

Date: 14th January 2021


The 5S process is a powerful tool to create a standardised and visual working culture. One of the challenges of implementing a 5S culture is developing an understanding of the key points and tools. An awareness of the processes is critical for all employees within a working environment. The Team Leaders and their teams need to have a clear awareness of the principles of the 5S system.


This course provides a basic knowledge required to participate in a 5S implementation activity. They will gain an understanding of why 5S is so important for an organisations success and the difference between implementation of systems and ‘tidying up’. Once the participants have completed the course, they will have the ability to add value when being part of a team implementing 5S.

Outline of Topics Covered

  • What is 5S?
  • Why do we want it?
  • What is the purpose?
  • Defining each of the 5S steps
  • What is a Red Tag exercise?
  • Next steps

Benefits of attending

  • Gain the awareness to be able to take part in a 5S activity

  • Support the organisation in creating a systemised workplace

Who should attend?

  • Team Leaders and Team Members


  • Access to Zoom

  • Uninterrupted attendance