Effective Problem Solving Using the 8D Model

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Problem Solving is a proven and powerful yet simple step-by-step approach to reducing recurring customer complaints, waste, scrap, rework and the associated costs. This workshop focuses on providing participants with a hands-on and practical application to effectively deal with product and process problems. Teams of participants will learn by applying the 8 Disciplines and related tools and techniques (e.g. 5W2H, process mapping, Pareto, cause & effect diagrams, 5 Whys, etc.) to real problems. The 8-step approach presented here is compatible with other 5-step and 7-step problem solving methodologies used throughout all industries in North America.

Outline of Topics Covered

  • What is Problem Solving?
  • When should the 8D approach to problem solving be used and what are the benefits
  • Establishing ‘The Team’ – importance and benefits of including the right people in a cross functional team
  • Define the Problem – how to describe issues in clear and measurable terms
  • Implement and Verify Interim (containment) Actions – how to effectively protect the customer by containing defects

Benefits of attending

  • Reduction and elimination of significant recurring problems
  • Improved operational and financial performance
  • A repeatable approach to resolving problems that can be applied by all organizational personnel

Who should attend?

  • Personnel at all levels who are directly involved with significant recurring problems, including: production, maintenance, quality, materials management engineering and design
  • Experienced personnel who are already participating on problem solving teams, but are not convinced of the current effectiveness of the process for achieving permanent problem resolution and/or achieving cost saving opportunities

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Did you know this seminar can be delivered at your workplace?

Take advantage of an onsite and train up to 20 people at one time. We will customize the workshop, involving your own real-life examples for effective problem-solving techniques.


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