Stellantis Specific Requirements

Onsite training

A good understanding of customers' requirements is essential in meeting crucial demands. We designed a new training course covering all requirements of Stellantis intended for its suppliers.


  • A training introducing the Stellantis specific requirements described in the SQM (Supplier Quality Manual) and in the CSRs (Customer Specific Requirements) of Stellantis,
    • Either to join the Stellantis panel
    • Or to improve collaboration with Stellantis
  • A training for Stellantis' interlocutors within your organisation to get a complete understanding of Stellantis' expectations and implementable tactics.


  • Have an overview of the Stellantis' documentation and applications.
  • Identify applicable requirements in the life phases of the collaboration with Stellantis.
  • Clarify the link between Stellantis' CSRs, SQM and IATF requirements.
  • Translate all requirements in practical terms to cooperate with Stellantis.
  • Evaluate current practices, draw improvement and optimization opportunities.


 This training is designed for those who have (or will have) a role to play in the implementation of Stellantis Specific requirements, such as

  • Quality players
  • Internal auditors and second party auditors
  • Project, Methods, Production, Quality and Supply chain Stellantis interlocutors
  • Project managers and Account Managers


Participants are already familiar with IATF 16949 v2016.


With practical exercises, mini browsing sessions on the B2B portal, and reinforcement workshops, trainees will understand when and how to fulfil specific requirements.

Requirements are analyzed in a logical and progressive way to extract key elements from the SQM (Supplier Quality Manual) and in the CSRs (Customer Specific Requirements) of Stellantis.

Finally, each participant should step by step :

  • Identify requirements that he deals (or may deal) with regularly,
  • Assess present status regarding application of those expectations and performance associated,
  • Define best practices on implementation of those requirements.


  • Training module, SQM and lexicon summarizing abbreviations used during the training.
  • Participants should come with Stellantis CSR available of IATF website.