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TRIGO is optimizing its digital tools for quality management!

To provide our customers with the best digital experience on the market, TRIGO reaches great milestones in the digitization of our Mainstream and Advanced Services.


This year, three of our digital tools for quality mission management will be launched or improved. These online platforms enable our customers to follow missions' data in real-time, sign new contracts or have full visibility of ongoing projects, and much more!


Discover below our optimized digital tools for quality management!

Customer Portal

We are pleased to announce a significant upgrade of the TRIGO Customer Portal this year! Used by Automotive customers in several countries, Customer Portal offers functionalities as mission monitoring, document archiving, a map of our locations, and more recently, access to projects’ photos.


In 2020, we have set up a Collaborative Workspace that offers features as the digital signature of your contractual documents (mission orders, work instructions or other quotations), performance management indicators via tailor-made reports, and a complaints declaration module. 


Wishing to bring you the best possible, consistent, and uniform user experience, we are merging the two platforms into ONE portal to centralize all features.


In addition, to optimize your user experience, we have revised the design of the portal and integrated a new home page which includes key indicators, follow-up of your ongoing actions and notifications. 


From now on, TRIGO customers can use a unique link to access all functionalities offered


TREDnet is a new portal dedicated to Resident Engineering customers.


It merges all project-related information, giving our customers the ability to make calculated decisions based on what is happening on their project. With real-time notifications and enabling transparency on project details, TREDnet is a powerful platform revolutionizing the way we share data with our customers worldwide!


This platform will be launched globally to all customers this fall!


As we expand it with new features to offer a more innovative and business-friendly interface, we bring more transparency to project details. 


Thanks to TRIGOSCOPE, our customers, especially Aerospace Defense and Rail clients, can digitally manage and monitor missions, as well as measure key variables of each project and extract the data regularly, allowing a transverse vision of the activity.

These recent upgrades and launches of digital tools reflect our commitment to continue providing an effective, evolutionary, and user-friendly online environment to our customers.


We continue to improve and develop new features to better meet your expectations and offer you a pleasant customer experience with our digital tools for quality mission management.