Created by Discus Software Company, DISCUS is a software which permits to reduce the duration of the First Article Inspection (FAI) process to its half by providing a faster method for documentation and management processes.

Today, subcontractors register all FAI measurements manually—dimension by dimension—on an Excel sheet. Thanks to DISCUS, the measurement data is automatically synchronized to the customer’s database. Without the need of manual registration and printing, data is sent to DISCUS software during 3D measurement.
Required time for the measurement of 100 dimensions: approximately 3 hours. With DISCUS: approximately 30 seconds.



  • Customer’s FAI is performed by specialists
  • Thanks to DISCUS, TRIGO reduces the duration of FAI process to its half, saving the customer’s time and money through an innovative and paperless solution
  • Customer’s teams stay focused on their core business, increasing efficiency
  • High flexibility: TRIGO can perform several FAIs at the same time thanks to TRIGO’s pool of specified technicians

TRIGO has exclusive rights over the technical use in Europe, and over the distribution of the tool in Germany.