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Benefits of a quality partner with a global network

When assembly line momentum depends on effective suppliers, conference calls cannot replace onsite visits from experienced quality professionals.


COVID travel restrictions, including long quarantine periods, have complicated efforts for OEMs to effectively collaborate with Asia suppliers. Even before COVID changed the world, OEM / supplier relationships confronted time zone, language, and cultural differences.


That is where TRIGO comes in, deploying experienced boots on the ground to supplier sites all over the world, including Asia.


"TRIGO is unique in its ability to provide a mixture of services on a global scale," said TRIGO Asia Manager Hubert Finneran. “We can do this anywhere for any industry. We can be onsite within days.”


TRIGO customers are quickly discovering the benefits of working with a global third-party quality solutions provider in the continual quest to save money and improve quality. Here are two profiles of prominent manufacturing OEMs harnessing TRIGO’s global reach to overcome the obstacles of the modern global supply chain.


Preparing for launch with better collaboration


Recently, an automotive company expanded an existing TRIGO partnership to preserve launch timelines for electric vehicle production. Using TRIGO’s existing Asia network, the company overcame language and time zone barriers to ensure supplier quality.


They quickly discovered that taking advantage of TRIGO's bilingual quality engineers makes sense even beyond the pandemic by improving coordination and saving thousands on travel.


Engineers began conducting audits in June 2020 and have visited 33 suppliers so far. TRIGO engineers worked closely with the company’s supply chain and quality personnel to develop a customized plan for each supplier based on the product and known supplier issues.


With each visit lasting two to four days, they are beginning to revisit some suppliers as the scope expands to include more root cause analysis for specific quality issues that arise. TRIGO is quickly becoming their 'go to' third-party quality provider as they look to duplicate this project in Europe.



Moving quality gate to the source


A heavy transportation company recently tapped into the benefits of TRIGO’s strong presence in Asia. They have long counted on TRIGO for  Vendor Managed Inventory and quality wall services stationed at a TRIGO site in close proximity to a US assembly plant.


The OEM ultimately decided to transfer the inspection activities to the source. TRIGO seamlessly turned on inspection services in Asia, instantly saving the OEM on labor cost.


Under the previous arrangement, quality problems were often discovered while additional parts were in transit. Moving the quality gate to the supplier site for predelivery inspection catches those issues early, avoiding scrap and shipping / return shipping costs.


Deploying TRIGO bilingual quality experts to the supplier sites enabled meaningful collaboration on root cause solutions. In the first two years of the project, non-conformances have been reduced by nearly 70 percent while supplier PPM has been reduced by nearly 90 percent.


When deciding on a third-party quality solutions partner, consider a company’s ability to be where you need them to be quickly. Included in every TRIGO partnership is the most extensive global footprint of any sorting company and becomes a key differentiator of TRIGO customers.