Paintless Dent Removal

To support the industrial and technological challenges of its automotive customers, TRIGO Group offers paintless dent removal service for over 10 years.

Particularly popular among car dealers and insurance companies after disasters caused by hail, paintless dent removal solution is a technique which restores the sheet metal to its original form by using methods and specific tools without applying mastic or paint.

In case of a hail disaster, TRIGO’s experts are ready to start resolving sheet metal damages within 24 hours. The mission can either take place by reworking freshly assembled cars at an automotive manufacturer’s site or by repairing used vehicles at garages—in this case, the request usually comes from insurance companies.

If the damages are serious, TRIGO also offers roughing services, and provides painters to reinforce external rework teams in need, in order to finish repair on the damaged vehicle faster.


  • The external appearance of vehicles (especially car-body conformity) has to be maintained or restored throughout the lifecycle—even during after-sales.


  • Damage assessment on vehicles (for full transparency TRIGO technicians cooperate with the insurance company’s experts)
  • Feasibility assessment: PDR or roughing, and selection of repair methods
  • PDR rework
  • Visual and tactile inspection
  • Fleet management
  • Resource planning (material and human)


  • Professional, experienced teams
  • Transparent intervention, daily reports
  • 40% savings on rework compared to traditional bodywork
  • Invisible repairs, manufacturer's warranty preserved
  • TRIGO’s own tool-kit to implement PDR
  • Quick intervention (on site
  • Ecological intervention (no chemicals)
  • National and international network of technicians