For OEMs and suppliers, continuous improvement demands constant training. Training supports the introduction of a process, the development of new competences, addressing certification demands, or meeting OEM panel requirements. The objective is to keep the quality level at the highest without causing unexpected manufacturing process challenges to the supply chain’s actors.

OEM point of view

  • Need to implement its quality standards to a wide supplier base (e.g., QIP, VDA, PSA AQF, GRAMMS, FAI)
  • Need to implement external or internal quality standards to its own personnel (HR context, skills management)
  • As the case may be, need to design and implement new, specific training (on specific tools, products, processes as Sealing Test / Leak Detection, etc.)

Supplier point of view

  • Objective: stay in, or qualify to get into an OEM supplier panel, gain a new market
  • Requirements: certifications, compliance with OEM standard 
  • Enablers: staff training to standards and tools (ISO standards, specific process as FAI, CCMD or Risk Management, APQP, FMEA, SPC, PPAP, 8D, etc.)
  • Support needs: integration and training to key standards and tools, audit, and action plans


Thanks to TRIGO expert’s field experience of more than 10 years, TRIGO’s experienced team of trainers are able to address these different issues through more than 20 ready-to-use or customized training programs. At the end of each TRIGO training, and after several evaluations, a legally acknowledged certification is given to each participant.

Ready to use training

Training on demand (with design process provided by TRIGO)

  • ISO 9001v2015
  • ISO 9100/9101/9120/9130
  • IATF 16949 
  • ISO 14001v2015
  • OHSAS 18001
  • QIP
  • Process Approach
  • Human factor, SGS and PART 21 & 145
  • Foreign Object Damage
  •  Quality Inspector training
  • Quality Manager training
  • Audits
  • QIP V2
  • FIEV 2.0
  • Problem Solving (5M, 8D, PPS, etc.)
  • Aerospace Incoming Inspection training
  • Internal audits
  • Manufacturing process training (Leak detection, Sealing test with Helium / Air, Oxygen test, Sampling Fluid Test, etc.)
  • Operation and expert level metrology training



  • Teams of experienced trainers, qualified for key quality standards (VDA 6.3, QIP V2, APQP, ISO 9001, IATF 16949, EN 9100, Aero standards or regulations, FIEV 2.0, etc.)
  • Accredited training centers
  • Capacity to support customer in standard introduction
  • Capacity to design and implement specific / expert ad-hoc training
  • Field legitimacy: all TRIGO trainers have a significant field experience and continuous field exposure
  • International proximity network, enabling to undertake supplier training sessions in some local languages
  • Flexibility and reactivity in design and deployment
  • Capacity to address other client needs thanks to TRIGO’s comprehensive service portfolio (training, consulting, containment, incoming inspection, etc.)
  • About 300 training days per year 

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