Understand the QIPV4 requirements

Onsite training

You want to deepen or discover in detail the requirements of the French manufacturer Stellantis/PSA Group which, in 2015, has carried out the evolution of its system of evaluation of the industrial performance of its suppliers through the QIPV4.

This training is provided by TRIGO consultants qualified by Stellantis/PSA.


  • Know the content of the QIPV4 process (phases and milestones).
  • Understand the different audit evaluation phases (NSA, PCPA, QSB+).
  • Understand the requirements of the QIPV4.
  • Know how to identify the deviations from the requirements.
  • Build your action plan to implement the new requirements.



  • Quality Managers.
  • Production Managers.
  • Logistics Managers.
  • Maintainance Managers.
  • Quality Development Managers.
  • Industrialization Managers.


The collaborative and participative pedagogy takes into account your business context to help you build your own personal progress plan:

  • Collaborative on the basis of exchanges: team activities introducing each of the training sequences.
  • Participative thanks to a role-playing: confrontation of the requirements theory by reviewing the operational system of the company.


On-line participant record containing presentations delivered during the training and exercise materials.