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Lean Management

Lean Management


To increase the performance of critical business processes, TRIGO offers an improvement project frame, based on the principles of Lean and Six Sigma (in addition to Capacity and Constraint Management). KPIs targeted for improvement can include FTQ, ppm, cycle times, OEE, and more.


Lean management is an automotive industry approach to achieve optimal operation and eliminate waste in production by determining the non-value-added parts of the process (the 7 Wastes of Lean).


TRIGO offers monitoring of your organization’s entire operation to define processes that need to be optimized by focusing on the 5 Lean principles:

  • Define Value
  • Map Value Stream
  • Create Flow
  • Establish Pull
  • Pursue Perfection


We apply pull system, warehouse leveling, cycle time alignment and reduction, internal fall-out rate reduction, First Time Quality (Direct Run) increase, SMED, JIT/JIS method, Kanban, VSM, Line balancing, 5S, TPM, and more.