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Motocicletas y vehículos recreativos

Aprovechando su experiencia de más de 25 años en la industria de la automoción, TRIGO también ha optado por desplegar su experiencia en las industrias de vehículos de dos ruedas y de ocio. El Grupo ofrece soluciones de calidad a medida que responden a los desafíos y exigencias de estas industrias.


As new technologies emerge every day, so do the needs of manufacturers. While some see these products as modes of transportation and necessities, others view them as merely fun. How ever they are viewed around the globe, there is no denying that new technologies offer challenges to manufacturers. Electric components including throttles, improved sensors, engines, touchscreens, stabilizers, and various AI technologies are rapidly creating new quality challenges. It is our priority to assist manufacturers of motorcycles and recreational vehicles along with component manufacturers to ensure that quality products and services continue to be delivered to the industry every day.


TRIGO is a proud service provider to the motorcycle and recreational vehicle industry with experienced teams worldwide ready to assist with any quality challenge as the industry moves toward higher value and more sophisticated technologies.


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