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TRIGO Group further expands its global footprint with the launch of its new subsidiary in Poland

TRIGO, the leading global provider of quality management services for the transportation industry, is expanding with the opening of a new subsidiary in Poland. With this extension in Continental Europe, the group is now present in 26 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa, and continues to implement its diversification strategy.

TRIGO opens its subsidiaries in POLAND

A strategic presence in the heart of Europe

Having developed a global footprint over the past two decades in twenty-five countries, TRIGO has now set out to conquer the Polish market with the opening of a new subsidiary in Poznan. This new entity at the center of Europe will serve as a hub for TRIGO’s operations in the region. As one of themost dynamic countries in the region, Poland is ideal to expand the group’s European operations.


This development is part of TRIGO’s long-term growth strategy, which aims to expand its presence in key manufacturing markets around the world.

With Continental Europe already playing a significant role in the automotive industry, the Polish market is particularly promising: thanks to its strategic position in Central Europe, its highly skilled workforce and its favorable business environment.  A number of OEMs like Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Stellantis, MAN and auto components suppliers, among  them leaders such as Valeo, ZF, APTIV and FORVIA, have a strong presence in Poland, taking advantage of high demand in the market, as well as convenient access to the lucrative German and Czech markets.

TRIGO expands its global footprint with Poland


Ambitions & perspectives for TRIGO

Launching TRIGO activities in Poland represents a significant milestone in TRIGO’s growth. According to Benoit Leblanc, Deputy CEO: “TRIGO operates in every major industrial area around the globe. Poland is one of them. I am proud that manufacturers can now count on TRIGO Poland and its new, talented team to improve their quality performance on Polish territory.

The new subsidiary will be run by Marcin Pasternak, as the Country Manager. With more than 14 years in the automotive industry as Quality Manager at a major OEM in Poland and then Technical Director, Marcin Pasternak will put his extensive experience to foster business opportunities throughout the country. 

With TRIGO in Poland, local manufacturers will have access to our globally renowned expertise,, capable of dealing with high demand and complex industrial projects related to quality management in different locations, while retaining a strong Polish identity,” explains Marcin Pasternak. “TRIGO’s expansion into Poland allows us to better meet the changing needs of our multinational partners globally, who have met the news of our new Polish entity with great excitement.” 


The Polish subsidiary will provide a broad range of cost-efficient and reliable services to meet quality challenges throughout the supply chain. Inspection activities of components on production lines will represent the first level of services to be implemented. Resident and Consulting and Engineering activities, as well as audits of quality management systems will also be proposed. Lastly, technological solutions, based on Automatical Optical Inspection, data analysis and Artificial Intelligence and will help Polish customers anticipate and swiftly resolve quality issues in their production chains.  


TRIGO subsidiary in Poland


Launched at the beginning of April, the subsidiary is already handling some Resident Engineering missions for the automotive industry, as well as inspection of complex components at client plants, along with quality management missions for Heavy Transportation players. 

As a hub for operations, the new Polish office aims to expand to a staff of 50+ by the end of 2023, providing opportunities for local talent to join TRIGO, and strengthen both the current team and the company's growth.


TRIGO is an international operational quality management company for the automotive, aerospace, rail and heavy transportation industries. With 10,000 employees in 26 countries, TRIGO offers a complete portfolio of services throughout the supply chain, ranging from inspection in production sites to auditing, consulting, engineering and training. TRIGO develops technology solutions based on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, battery and data analysis.
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