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Innovation champion week

The Americas Innovation Champions gathered to strategize, collaborate with customers, and test drive new technology.


We created momentum among the team,” said Augustin Brochot, VP of Innovation and Strategic Ventures, who traveled from France to lead the sessions. “They came to train… and there was a lot of interaction on how we can leverage new technology for our operational teams in the Americas.”


TRIGO innovation trip americas


On the agenda was TRIGO’s innovation game plan and training on the AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) tool Spark. Spark is the main product of Scortex, a technology startup focused on deploying artificial intelligence in factories to automate and digitize quality inspections. TRIGO acquired Scortex in May 2022. Scortex CEO and founder Aymeric de Pointbriand joined the group.


Spark kits are portable stations that automate inspection. The Spark AI learns how to weed out nonconforming parts by “viewing” a series of healthy ones using a camera. The team was able to set the kit up in 30 minutes and each trainee was able to play with and “challenge” the Spark, according to Augustin.

American trip with innovation trip by TRIGO

Towards a relationship of trust

The activities began in South Carolina where team members met clients for a plant tour, Spark demo, and lively discussion. Later in the week, they traveled to Michigan to visit another client with additional collaboration.

There were plans made to pilot Spark in this plant.

Augustin was encouraged by the excitement in the client meetings.

When you are discussing innovation with a client, it’s more of a partnership than a transactional relationship,” said Augustin. “You’ve already built a relationship of trust when you are discussing future client needs and that is what I think is needed to build long, sustainable relationships.”

Other topics covered included solutions in batteries, data, metrology, and Mixed Reality. The sessions were considered a success with the team bonding over the short time spent together.


America Innovation Champion by TRIGO GRoup


I felt like we’ve known each other for a long time,” said Rodrigo Iumatti, Director of Operations – Mainstream Services, Brazil. “That made me realize that regardless of our ERP, geographical and cultural differences, we work towards the same goals with customer focus in our DNA.


The collaboration, the subject matter expertise, and the global unity experienced during the innovation summit hosted in South Carolina far exceeded my expectations,” said Darrin Baldinelli, US General Manager, Auto. “To say it was a success would be understating the propulsion given to the collaboration of best practices surrounding innovative solutions to enhance our customers service offerings.”