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TRIGO continues its strong growth



Present in 28 countries, the TRIGO Group, the global leader in quality management services in the transportation industry, achieved an annual growth of 10% with €482 million in revenue in 2023. The Group is continuing its 2025 plan, which includes a significant increase in quality consulting and engineering to address the challenges faced by manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. 


Sustained growth despite still recovering markets


TRIGO's international development continued at a strong pace in 2023, with nearly 15% growth in the Americas region and 11+% growth in the WEMEA zone. TRIGO recently expanded its operations into two strategic new European countries: Poland and Italy, where comprehensive services will be offered.


Additionally, the international Group's service offering continues to expand to be more in line with the needs of the transportation industry. New repair activities in the automotive sector, electronics, and automotive software with "flying doctors" are now being deployed. These engineers and technicians repair vehicle software issues regardless of their location. In 2023, TRIGO also accelerated its activities in battery testing and repair, as well as vehicle prototype preparation and testing for manufacturers.


To achieve this growth, more than 3266 new employees were recruited in 2023 within the Group's 28 international subsidiaries and across all profiles (from quality inspectors to metrology technicians, engineers, and quality auditors, etc.).


Diversification and innovation


In line with its 2025 plan, TRIGO continues its sectoral diversification, specifically accelerating in the civil and military aerospace, space, railway, and heavy machinery sectors. All of these sectors now account for almost one-third of revenues.


In addition, investment in innovation continues, particularly in the field of automated visual inspection, where a new multi-camera version of the Spark solution has been developed, thanks in particular to optimization of underlying artificial intelligence algorithms. Equipped with multiple camera illuminations, Spark Multi View is now capable of inspecting up to three parts per second, covering most industry production rates.


Commitment and responsibility


TRIGO unveiled its new CSR roadmap for the next three years last September, reaffirming its commitment to its employees and sustainable development. With this plan, TRIGO intends to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in the transportation industry.


Thus, TRIGO's activities and global presence have helped avoid the emission of 60,000 tCO2e for the transport industry in 2022. Indeed, the permanent localization of TRIGO teams at production sites reduces CO2 emissions related to customer team travel. Similarly, the Group's rectification of non-conforming products reduces scrap rates, and consequently, the CO2 associated with the transfer of these parts.


Outlook for 2024


This year, TRIGO plans to continue its growth at the same pace as in 2023 and further establish its position as a leader by relying on operational excellence, innovation, and continuous expansion of its service offerings. Thus, new battery testing and repair solutions for electric vehicles recently developed will be deployed throughout the year.


In parallel, TRIGO will continue to accelerate its diversification in consulting, notably through the global development of training services aimed at developing the skills of industry production personnel to international standards of quality and operational excellence.


In 2024, TRIGO also plans to join the UN Global Compact initiative and commit to specific environmental protection goals.


According to Matthieu Rambaud, President of TRIGO, "The year 2024 follows on from our 2025 plan. We rely on innovation to address the major challenges of our decade. Securing the quality performance of our clients' production and supply chain now enters a new dimension where we must balance economy and environmental respect."



TRIGO is the global leader in quality management services for the automotive, aerospace, railway, and heavy transportation industries. With 10,000 employees in 28 countries, TRIGO offers a comprehensive portfolio of services throughout the supply chain, from production inspection to audit, consulting, engineering, and training. TRIGO develops technological solutions based on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, battery management, and data analysis.


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