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TRIGO brand repositioning – New TRIGO logo arrives

As part of TRIGO’s current brand repositioning, the TRIGO logo has changed.


“The quality network” tagline is no longer effective in communicating TRIGO and what it stands for, therefore, a new tagline has arrived to better position TRIGO as one cohesive company with the ability to provide complex quality solutions to customers worldwide.


TRIGO is not a network of quality companies anymore, it is one company with an expansive footprint and extensive service portfolio second to none, which means that TRIGO has outgrown its existing tagline.


Therefore, we are happy to introduce TRIGO’s new tagline: Global Quality Solutions


We, at TRIGO, believe that with this logo change, that is a significant part of a comprehensive brand repositioning project, the message of TRIGO will be clearly reflected, leaving no questions on what TRIGO provides for its customers worldwide.

NEW TRIGO Group logo