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Operational Excellence (Medical industry)

Operational Excellence (Medical industry)



  • Supplier of medical devices
  • Location : Morocco



  • To introduce OTIF (On Time In-Full) process to visualise internal / external customer demand progression identifying key barriers / bottlenecks.
  • To continually minimise inefficiencies and improve dock-to-dock performance
  • To standardise and prioritise efforts towards the most important results



  • Identify pilot area and personnel to support (to include roles and responsibilities)
  • Review 'current state' of data capture (to include OLE – who, what, where, and when)
  • Review current volume plan vs actual achievement (and reasons for failure)
  • Identify internal supplier / customer relationships and communication
  • Develop OTIF board layout
  • Ensure methodology to capture data effectively across all shifts electronically
  • Document the 'rules of engagement'
  • Launch OTIF into pilot area - brief local team
  • Review Things Gone Wrong and adjust if necessary
  • Monitor progress and capture data - How? When? Who ?



  • Continue to review current state and level understanding
  • Review volume achievement vs target and clarify internal customer / supplier relationships
  • Review target setting methodology drivers
  • Identify Pilot area within Tech Service Agreement and establish standards / targets
  • Brief local team - roles and responsibilities



  • Average efficiency improvement rate from 76% to 89%
  • Scrap rate decreased from 4.6% to 2.5%



  • Group Leader (GL)- Output Information to Shift Leader
  • Shift Leader (SL)- Output Documented on Board for each Cell Losses & Action Documented Communicate Current State to GL Communicate additional actions need to PM
  • Production Manager (PM)- Board Sign off Ensure appropriate action is taken by SL Communicate to Stakeholders if additional actions need to be taken
  • Plant Manager- Ensure actions and focused approach   Ensure commitment & attention from stakeholders - alignment throughout the plant


  • Continual micro and macro focus on volume achievement and inefficiencies
  • Improved customer satisfaction through on time delivery and shorter lead times
  • Roles and  responsibilities clearly defined ensuring a disciplined approach
  • Prioritisation of key enablers and issues that prevented on time delivery
  • Accountability
  • Focus to ensure robust Practical Problem Solving
  • Enrolment of personnel at all levels into the business performance


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