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Guillaume M, Be inspired by his international success story

Providing opportunities for our employees to develop and grow is a fundamental aspect of TRIGO's values. We are dedicated to helping our teams expand their skills and broaden their horizons. 

This is when our open mobility policy comes into play.

In addition to providing our team members with opportunities to explore new missions, there are numerous benefits that come with it, including the chance to work in one – or several – of the 26 countries where we are present.


This was the case of Guillaume Milinovic, who was recently appointed General Manager of the UK’s Aerospace, Defense & Rail division.
Guillaume’s first opportunity to experience life abroad happened as he was a student. 
Studying for a master's degree in International Business Administration at the Toulouse School of Management, Guillaume was given the chance to expand his horizons in the two years he spent studying. First as an exchange student in Moscow, where he stayed for a year, before spending 6 months in the Philippines as an intern Supply Chain Manager.


This interest in the international scene helps make sense of Guillaume’s interest in TRIGO, which he joined in 2016, right after his graduation, as Business Development Manager in China. 

Guillaume’s main objective as he first joined TRIGO was to develop and launch the Chinese Aerospace and Rail business unit. Although TRIGO had become the market leader for quality control & inspection services for the automotive sector in China, at this stage, the company was not yet involved in business with the Aerospace and Railway industries. 
After achieving this objective, Guillaume was then promoted to Business Unit Manager, a position which now implied being responsible for the management of the day-to-day business units in China, as well as business development, profitability management, team development and much more. 


Guillaume M promoted in UK as aero general manager


In 2020, after two years spent starting business and operations in Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, Guillaume was promoted as Business Unit Director, which extended his scope across all Asia, including India. This year, he also went through his second big move, as the embarked on a journey to Singapore. 
When asked about TRIGO’s mobility possibilities, Guillaume stated: “I have witnessed several instances of international mobility within TRIGO, so I can say that Trigo supports the international mobility of its teams.”


He detailed: “In my case, I spent 3-4 months preparing and training my replacements in China and South-East Asia and I am still providing them support and assistance to this day. I officially moved from Singapore to the UK in mid of February 2023. 
I did not make any specific preparations for this new expatriation given the UK is close both geographically and culturally from my home country, aside from buying new winter clothes. The temperature in Singapore is 25-30 degrees Celsius all year long while the UK welcomed me with a sweet 3-4 degrees.”

Guillaume, who approaches his 7th anniversary at TRIGO is currently breaking new grounds as General Manager of the Aerospace, Defense & Rail division in the UK, where he is leading the ongoing development of the Aerospace and Rail workstreams.
As General Manager, Guillaume’s responsibilities now revolve around those of Business Unit Director, covering all TRIGO’s Aerospace & Railway sector business and operation in Asia and Country Manager for TRIGO’s overall business (all industries) in South East Asia.


“The scope of work will be very similar to my previous role in Asia, as I will be responsible for the development our activities and team for the Aerospace, Defense and Rail in the UK. 
The main difference is that my geographical coverage will be significantly reduced. In Asia I was managing activities across large and very diverse countries such as China, India, South-East Asia and even Australia. This time I am focusing exclusively on the UK.”


We wish him the best of luck at this new role!