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90% of our global customers recommend TRIGO!

Every other year, TRIGO engages its customer base to provide feedback on how satisfied they are with our services. 
In 2O22, we surveyed clients from both our Automotive and Aerospace, Defense & Rail divisions to get feedback on their evaluation of our activity. 

It is crucial that we, at TRIGO, understand our strong point in being able to provide our customers with better services and processes and customers needs.

This information is also necessary for us to lead some actions aimed at the improvement of our service portfolio.  

Our overall results remain very positive, with an average of 90% of customers recommending TRIGO.  
Three main factors are given to customers to evaluate TRIGO’s services throughout the year: performance, position and quality reporting, according to the field of business.  

customer survey TRIGO 2022


All the above criteria were evaluated in an overall positive light, with the following results:  


In the Automotive sector

94% of customers,  who responded, consider that TRIGO’s performance has either improved or remained stable.
More than half of the customers, who responded, evaluate TRIGO’s position superior to competitors and rate the quality of our reports as 9 or 10 out of 10.

In the Aerospace, Defense & Rail sector

75% of survey respondents evaluated TRIGO’s performance as having remained stable or having improved. 
86% of customers stated that TRIGO’s position is average to superior, and 96% of customers evaluated our digital solutions as average to superior. 

These high satisfaction numbers are a clear sign of TRIGO’s ability to meet our customers’ expectations. Although these numbers remain high, they also push us to be consistent and to ensure that the solutions we deploy are appropriate and fit our customers’ needs.