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TRIGO Group unveils its new ESG strategy to accelerate the decarbonisation of the transportation industry.

TRIGO Group, the global leader in quality management for the automotive, aerospace, rail and heavy transportation industries, unveils its new Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy for the next three years. In doing so, TRIGO demonstrates its commitment to sustainable development and its employees.


The first aspect, pertaining to the environment, highlights the commitments undertaken and concrete actions implemented by TRIGO to achieve its goals.


ESG Press release September 2023 TRIGO



In line with its 2025 Strategic Plan, TRIGO presents a new, ambitious action plan running until 2027. It aims to actively combat CO2 emissions in the transportation industry, improve working conditions for its employees and encourage sustainable business practices. It also presents bold environmental aspects with the aim of reducing the sector's carbon footprint for its own account and its customers. The new roadmap is a result of a series of in-depth audits of the Group’s ESG practices, which was carried out in close cooperation with a strategy consulting firm over the past three years.


Limiting the transportation of non-conforming parts and staff travel is one of the major thrusts of TRIGO's plan. In addition, the Group is pursuing its efforts in several other areas.


The carbon footprint, reported transparently


Deeply aware of its responsibility to the environment, TRIGO reports its carbon footprint in complete transparency, reporting on all three Scopes of emissions: the Group has a carbon footprint of 16,353 tonnes in CO2-equivalent emissions (CO2e), amounting to 2.38 tonnes per employee. The Scope 3 analysis reveals that 80-95% of these emissions are directly attributable to daily travel of employees between their residence and their place of work. This trend is particularly noticeable in Europe and the United States, where factories are located in outer areas of cities with limited public transportation options.


"We recognize the impact of these travels on our carbon footprint, and the challenge it poses in terms of reducing emissions. That's why we will be exploring solutions to mitigate this environmental impact," said Benoit Leblanc, Managing Director of the TRIGO Group.


A range of environmental efforts


TRIGO believes that great quality is essential to the sustainability and performance of the manufacturing industry. Through careful repairs and alterations carried out by its teams on vehicles and aircrafts produced by manufacturers, the Group has succeeded in considerably reducing the scrap rate, thus reducing CO2 emissions. This approach made it possible to save 32,000 tonnes of CO2 for its clients in 2022.


Furthermore, TRIGO reduced 28,000 tCO2e by optimizing business travel. Leveraging its vast network of 10,000 employees across 26 countries and 550 factories around the world, TRIGO addresses quality issues in a decentralized manner, thereby limiting air travel for manufacturer and supplier teams to global production sites. To facilitate this approach, the use of virtual reality has also been integrated.


Commitment to low-carbon markets


Starting this year, TRIGO intends to reinforce its support for low-carbon markets, such as the rail sector. The group aims to achieve a growth of 33% in this segment in 2023, thus contributing to a significant reduction in its emissions. TRIGO will also support the development and industrial performance of the renewable energy sector, such as solar and wind, particularly in Spain, where such efforts are in the testing phase before large-scale deployment. In addition, TRIGO continues to support the automotive sector in its transition to electric mobility, in particular by reinforcing quality control and repair of electric vehicles (EV) batteries.


ESG Press release September 2023 TRIGO


This growing shift towards low-carbon markets is accompanied by a new ESG risk audit offer that the Group is launching with industrial suppliers. With 250 audits carried out each year to assess various products and systems within the automotive industry, TRIGO can now assess the ESG risks of industrial manufacturers. This audit will make it easier for clients to select their new suppliers in a more transparent manner.


At the same time, TRIGO is accelerating its digital transformation by phasing out manual, paper-based tracking methods in favor of mobile solutions. This digital shift has already covered 54% of its global activities and is expected to reach 80% by 2026. This shift includes responsible partners and service providers, recognizing the importance of minimizing the carbon footprint associated with IT operations. By favoring energy-efficient installations, TRIGO ensures that choices are in line with their environmental commitments.


Increasing awareness, measurement and carbon compensation


The first step towards reducing emissions is to increase awareness among employees. Over the last three years, TRIGO has deployed a number of initiatives to increase sustainability. This includes internal programs deployed by ESG teams in France, Spain, Germany and North America to recycle plastic and to save energy consumed in meeting lighting and printing needs.


In order to measure the impact of these measures, TRIGO undertook a pilot evaluation in 2021 and 2022 on three sites representing the Group’s principal activities in France and deployed an energy management system to efficiently track the energy consumption of its offices. In early 2023, this energy management system was expanded to all 26 countries where TRIGO operates.


Concurrently, starting in 2024, TRIGO will develop a global project to sequester CO2 emissions to make up for emissions that can no longer be reduced, adhering to the United Nations Global Compact, further demonstrating its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.


“With our new ESG action plan, TRIGO assumes a proactive position in the transition towards a low-carbon economy, driving positive change through its quality management solutions”, said Matthieu Rambaud, CEO of TRIGO Group. “We are pleased to have a significant impact on industries that we operate in and the communities that we serve.”


TRIGO is the global leader in quality management services for the automotive, aerospace, rail and heavy transportation industries. With 10,000 employees in 26 countries, TRIGO offers a complete portfolio of services throughout the supply chain, ranging from inspection of production to auditing, consulting, engineering and training.


TRIGO develops technology solutions based on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, battery and data analysis.


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