A groupe of cars dealers is having an unprepared fleet of used vehicles. The final customer could buy a vehicle before its reconditioning, resulting in:

  • Difficulty in selling an unprepared vehicle. Sometimes the sale would be pushed by promises of repairs that the group could not keep (new tires, paintings etc.)
  • Disappointment upon receipt by the final customer

The vehicle’s renewal must be adapted to the end-customer budget estimated average (vehicle repair costs’ management).



  • Repair damaged vehicles (reconditioning) in a limited amount of time (lead time respect) to make them available for sale. 
  • Offer a “ready to go” vehicle – a vehicle that is ready to be presented and sold to the final customer.



  • Vehicle’s reception and exterior washing
  • Mechanical expertise with dynamic test / Esthetic expertise (sheet metal rework, painting, upholstery and saddlery)
  • Descriptive quotations delivered to the customer / Order and receipt of parts 
  • Planning and engagement of the vehicle in the reconditioning workshop with repair order monitoring 
  • Mechanical treatment, revision and / or parts exchange according to the repair order
  • Bodywork operation, painting (removal of parts, application of a primer and putty, sanding, smoothing, paintless dent removal, polishing)
  • Esthetic preparation, interior cleaning and exterior finishing
  • Final vehicle control following the repair order
  • 360° photo shooting and images provision 
  • Parking of the used vehicle waiting for the shipment
  • Billing


  • Allenjoie


  • 3000 vehicles reconditioned per year 



  • Administrative service
  • Workshop manager 
  • Quality technician
  • Automotive expert 
  • Mechanic Technician 
  • Aluminum rims repairer 
  • Bodywork 
  • Painter 
  • Paintless dent remover
  • Warehouse receiver 
  • Automotive detailing preparer 
  • Photographer


  • The customer has a fleet of vehicles ready to go 
  • Strong positioning in the used vehicle market 
  • Vehicle repair costs’ management, with no impacts on its resale VS purchase margin
  • Consistent reconditioning
  • Outsourcing the reconditioning of used vehicle enables the group’s workshop teams to focus on tasks with higher added value, as repairing private vehicles. 
  • Used vehicles are now addressed in an industrial process, and no longer resolved as a variable by the workshop (overloaded) or as a reaction (the vehicle is sold, therefore it must be prepared) but as a real industrial process. In this sense, all used vehicles are reconditioned in short deadlines before being presented to potential buyers already ready to go.