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Our social approach

As a responsible employer, we believe that we can have an impact on the communities we live with. Multiple actions and projects are engaged or sponsored by TRIGO around the world to participate in developing a more caring environment for the benefit of the whole society. 

Over the last two years, TRIGO has defined a comprehensive HR strategy and processes at Group level to ensure consistency of quality standards and best practices across its subsidiaries. 
Diversity is not an issue for TRIGO Group, but promoting diversity is a matter of social responsibility and even a component of performance. 

Indeed, TRIGO has been defining an official policy on equality and diversity in a document called “Golden Rules for equality and diversity” aimed at all countries.

The document discloses TRIGO’s objectives and commitments, as well as information on recruitment and appraisal processes. The French subsidiaries also work under an Ethical Chart for recruitment


our social approach


One of the HR Golden Rules for recruitment’s guidelines, “Be open minded”, promotes diversity and equal opportunities. TRIGO also raises awareness around disability, taking part in French and European initiatives.