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Layered Process Audit

Layered Process Audit

Onsite training, Online training

This course is for you if you want to:


•    Improve adherence to your operations standards.
•    Reduce quality problems.
•    Prevent customers' complaints.
•    Meet your Customers' Specific Requirements (CSR) regarding LPA audits. 
•    Increase management involvement in the QMS and demonstrate their commitment 


This training is made for 8 participants, and it lasts 1 day for online trainings or 2 days for in-house training.


  • Understand CQI-8 requirements and automotive manufacturers’ specific requirements.
  • Understand the key success factors of the LPA approach.
  • Learn about LPA audits' benefits.
  • Know how to build an LPA audit system adapted to your company.
  • On-site training: acquire hands-on experience in:
    • Developing audit checklists.
    • Conducting an LPA audit.


The training is organized around theorical presentations and group exercises on the essential elements of LPA audits:

  • Audits organization;
  • Construction of audit grids;
  • Process follow-up system.

For in-company training, the dynamic is even more complete:

Before the training, the Consultant meets with the organization in order to:

  • Get familiar with the company's organization,
  • Identify the different "layers" of audit to be planned,
  • Define the sector that will be audited during the training.

During the training, the participants:

  • Define the future organization of the LPA audit process,
  • Build the audit grids on a chosen sector,
  • Perform the audit on the shop floor on one or more stations,
  • Readjust the content of their initial grid based on their first experience.


  • Online documentation containing the presentations used during the training and the exercises’ support material.
  • All the participants receive a training certificate after the course.


  • Production Manager / Director 
  • Area Manager / Autonomous Production Unit Manager
  • Production or Support Services Engineer
  • Quality Director / Responsible


There are no prerequisites for training participants.


Register several participants in our training courses and benefit from our special offers:

  • 25% discount for the 2nd participant*.
  • 50% for the 3rd participant and for each additional participant*.

*For registrations to the same training session.