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Our Key Values

At TRIGO, we firmly believe that high quality is essential to industry performance and sustainability.  Without quality controls and an effective preventive approach to quality, there is no sustainable production for the industry. Not only does quality reduce costs by decreasing time to market, it also promotes human safety by preventing accidents with potentially serious consequences. By avoiding non-conformity through preventive actions, and by controlling and correcting defects when they occur, we contribute to safe industrial production with improved economic performance.​

As quality experts, we are also increasingly committed to helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint. With this goal being now a major concern for the entire industry, we believe that, as partners, we have a role to play in helping them address this issue. This is the meaning of our quality management actions, which enable us to reduce scrap rates, as well as the volume of waste generated on production lines and in plants. Increasingly, we are helping our customers in the transportation industry to achieve these objectives through tailor-made solutions and our innovation policy. This is a major concern of our teams.​

From our purpose flows our vision. If quality is essential in the world and in particular for the industry, we believe that delivering a world class quality is the result of the joint and adapted action of skilled men and women, as well as proven processes and technologies. That is why we concentrate our efforts in these three areas. In addition to the technical dimension, our success is due to our teams, who are committed to deploying solutions that optimize the performance of industry and supply chains on a global scale.​

This purpose is deeply rooted in reality. Every year, our 10,000 employees inspect and rework 1 billion components and vehicles for our customers in 550 plants. We are proud that most of the cars, planes, trains, heavy vehicles and other defence equipment produced in the world, at least through their components, are checked by TRIGO, and then sold or used safely.


Around the TRIGO globe, we encourage our employees to consistently apply the 4 pillars of our Core Values; Excellence, Customer Focus, Global Team Spirit and Initiative; ensuring everyone receives the best version of ourselves while representing TRIGO. It is critical that our values are understood, shared and followed, as they are the cornerstone of our behavior, and key contributors on how successful we are in reaching our objectives globally.


We deliver outstanding results building on continuous creativity, reliability and efficiency.


Customer focus

We strive for our customers’ success by delivering tailor-made solutions for their most critical quality challenges.


Global team spirit

We value individual and collective commitment, loyalty and honesty in full respect of local cultures and people.



We trust in courageous and innovative people, leaders and professionals, that take responsibility for their actions.