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Explore diverse career opportunities at TRIGO Group,
a leading multinational quality engineering company.

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Since 1995, TRIGO has become a diverse pioneer of quality solutions with over 10,000 professionals in 25 countries, continuing to expand in automotive, aerospace, heavy transportation, electronics, and more sectors. See where we’re hiring.

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Team Leader - Vincent
Reworker - François


At TRIGO, we believe that understanding, respecting, and valuing the uniqueness of our people and customers makes us stronger. That's why we are committed to building an inclusive culture that values diversity in all its forms. Our core ensures that we treat our people, customers, and partners fairly, in the pursuit of our core purpose.

As a global provider, we strive to represent and serve the needs of the communities we operate in and improve the world we live in.

This is our DNA

Human Company

  • Strong team-spirit, solidarity​
  • Proximity of people, even Top managers​
  • Diversity of profiles 

International culture

  •  26 countries​
  •  An international supply chain 
  •  International career opportunities

Impactful jobs

  • Diversity of missions ​
  • Engaging jobs with everyday impacts ​
  • Proactivity​ & Responsabilities​

Start up Spirit

  • Short hierarchy & decision-making circuits ​
  • Adaptability​ & Flexibility​
  • An innovation & transformation strategy 



We deliver outstanding results building on continuous creativity, reliability and efficiency.

Customer focus

We strive for our customers’ success by delivering tailor-made solutions for their most critical quality challenges.

Global team spirit

We value individual and collective commitment, loyalty and honesty in full respect of local cultures and people.


We trust in courageous and innovative people, leaders
and professionals, that take responsibility for their actions.


Explore your future : Our philosophy

Process improvement, problem-solving, and technological innovation, all tied to the development of quality for our customers, serve as the inspiration for our management philosophy and guide our actions. Our management model reflects a corporate culture rooted in our values – excellence, teamwork, customer focus, and initiative, as well as honesty and trust.

Setting an example, taking responsibility, showing respect, communicating openly, and fostering the growth of employees, both domestically and internationally, are all integral parts of our culture.


TRIGO takes care of its community by nurturing professional progress, international development, fair equity for all. Be it the latest tech tools or exclusive workshops by expert engineers, we make sure our support is of value.


Life at Trigo

  • "I became part of the TRIGO Group in 2012 as a technical specialist, carrying out different projects. In 2015, I was offered the opportunity to coordinate after-sales teams. Afterwards I became part of the sales team in 2017. Currently, I am the Area Manager of the after-sales business unit."

    Alejandro Garcia, QEC Area Manager, Spain

    Alejandro Garcia
  • "My daily task as an operations coordinator and head of the purchasing department was mainly to respond and act in a timely manner to our delegation’s requests in Spain and Portugal to facilitate their operations.

    On a global level, I am coordinating the Group’s operations in different subsidiaries of TRIGO."

    Oriol Turu, Operations Coordinator (Purchasing Department) Spain & Portugal

    Oriol Turu
  • "My first contact with TRIGO Group was in 2017 through MAEC Automotive. After several months working as a resident engineer at a client, I have become part of the TRIGO Group Qualitaire Imerica S.L., as a Regional Key Account Manager, which is a great personal challenge and a professional opportunity for me."

    Rebeca Herrero, Regional Key Account Manager, Spain

    Rebecca Herrero
  • "I began my career at TRIGO by designing my first training course, that would be used to assist our Customers in developing a more robust manufacturing process. The ability to deliver the onsite workshop at the Customers location and observe the "skills transfer" process, gave me a great deal of personal satisfaction. In 29 years, that feeling has never left, and I have been very lucky to work for an organization that is committed to making our Customers improve with every service we provide."

    Bob Muir, Director, Global Training Services

    Bob Muir
  • "At TRIGO you can build up your career from scratch while being part of a team that always appreciates you. Once you have that, you won’t look at your watch ever again!"

    Turay Konca, Operation Manager, TRIGO Turkey

    Turay Konca
  • "TRIGO is like a big family and being part of it is a great honor. This experience is leading me to success compared with never-ending excitement."

    Bahar Yalman, Administrative Manager, TRIGO Turkey

    Bahar Yalman
  • "Since I started at TRIGO Group 12 years ago, I have combined Quality Management with a multitude of direct jobs in different groups. During this time, I have learned a lot about how the company works and I have been able to see that partnership and training what makes us different. Now, we have new challenges ahead that open up new opportunities that we must face with confidence and desire to do great things."

    Daniel Sánchez Alcántara, Technical Office Manager, Spain

    Daniel Sánchez Alcántara
  • "While working, TRIGO make me feel like an innovator, a useful part of the team, and during breaks, I feel like I am having coffee with my family."

    Asena Isbakoglu, Site Assistant, TRIGO Turkey

    Asena Isbakoglu
  • “At TRIGO, my profession chose me and gave me the opportunity to blaze a trail in my professional career.”

    Iuliana Munteanu, QEC Manager, Romania

    Iuliana Munteanu
  • "I started working for TRIGO Canada in 2009, and it has been exciting to work with a stable company that cares for the well-being of their employees. In my 9 years, I have had the ability to improve my skills, expand my knowledge and be part of an ever-growing financial team."

    LeeAnn McIndless, Accounts Payable Coordinator, Canada

    LeeAnn McIndless
  • "Working at TRIGO presents the opportunity to get in touch with different people from around the globe every day, therefore, each day is a new chance to gather new experiences."

    Begüm Abis, Quality Resident Engineer, TRIGO Turkey

    Begüm Abis
  • "TRIGO is like my family, every day I am spending my time at work in a pleasant and friendly environment, and I always have support for my amateur athlete lifestyle, enabling me to have a perfect work-life balance."

    Zafer Kaya, Rework Specialist, TRIGO Turkey

    Zafer Kaya
  • "What I like the most about TRIGO is the autonomy I get and the cultural diversity. As an international engineer, I travel all the time. I work with many different people as well as different clients even though the missions are similar. It’s a new human and cultural experience every time."

    Delia Thominet, Senior Consultant

    Delia Thominet

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